Example Command

Most new users will be interested in a command line pattern that looks very much like this:

./eb... run type=stdout alias=test1 yaml=mystmts cycles=5M -v

This is basically telling EngineBlock to load an activity type known as stdout, naming it test1, with an input interval between 0 (inclusive) and 5000000 (exclusive), with statements and any other settings loaded from the file test1.yaml, using the the Standard YAML. This is a very common usage pattern for tools based on EngineBlock.

If you wanted to crank up the concurrency and thread-level work size for speed, you could add threads=100 and stride=1000 respectively. This would tell EngineBlock to also use 100 threads for this activity, with each thread taking 1000 cycle values at a time before going back to the input for the next set of cycle values to iterate on.