It’s simple really. Everything in the Contributor Covenant applies here. If, after reading that, you are unclear, then please pick another project to work on. The maintainers will not hesitate to enforce a code of conduct.


EngineBlock is licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0. If you wish to contribute your code to this project, you must be willing to use this license. All code contributed here is presumed to be licensed as such, and the maintainers may add licenses to contributed files or add commit-level requirements for clear licensing headers.

How to Contribute

Issue Tracker

There are multiple ways to contribute. This most direct and engaging way is to file an issue when you have requests for enhancements or bug fixes.

Tickets which may be suitable for newer contributes will be marked as easy pick in the spirit of encouragement.

Project Site

The project site at could use some help as well. This is in a separate repository adjacent to the main project as ‘engineblock-docs’. Consider this as part of the codebase in general. You can file issues against it, or submit pull requests.

Pull Request

This project is eager to have contributors. To that end, pull requests which are in the spirit of the project will be welcome. When pull requests are not directly accepted, kind and specific explanation of why will be provided. If you want to contribute, and are not sure about whether your improvements would be accepted, simply file an issue and describe what you are interested in doing before coding too much.

Change Scoping

Like with easy pick issues, those which are likely to be more effort will be marked as needs design. The goals of any needs design will be to propose in more detail the moving parts and user-facing ideas which might be too complex or opaque for a single coding and testing effort. Think of these as epic ideas, which will, by their nature, be required to have some design and usage documentation submitted before they are merged.

Project Maturity

As engineblock matures, a more stringent set of code management practices will be adopted. The maintainers are leaning towards the Git Flow model. A stricter releas and branching model will be imposed as part of the next major release.